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Zombies, Run!

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Postby Evilyn on Wed Feb 29, 2012 9:53 am

I downloaded this the other day! Unfortunately I've been too sick this week to go outside more or hit the gym, but the brief sampling I did was pretty cool. My first impressions...

-It's interesting enough to make me leave the house for a 40 minute walk today, even though I'm fighting a cold. In my sluggish state it's nice I can do this walking, not just running.

-The production is top notch: the audio recordings, characters, stories and A.I. are slick and user friendly.

-I was listening to bleepy, sample heavy electronic music so at first I wasn't aware of the little robot voice that announced I found necessary items like "sports bra" and "axe". But it's very neat how the app stitches together my playlists with the story.

-The downtime interaction with the game (to be attended to when you're not running/walking) isn't super rich, but then again it's an app that's suppose to have you up and moving away from things that want to eat your brains, not necessarily sitting and tapping your screen.

-I'm excited to explore more of the app. The developers promise a boatload of free content update soon. I haven't tried the zombie chase option because it sounds like I need a field and no cars around, but hopefully it can just be done on a treadmill instead.
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Postby Evilyn on Tue Apr 17, 2012 7:25 am

Radio Able is now accepting call ins! (as in pre-recorded call-ins...) ... -listeners
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