Make Friends

Get out of the basement and meet people!

We love to meet people who cherish all the great geeky and nerdy things in life: tabletop games; comic books; video games; sci-fi & fantasy; genre movies; nerdy television shows; technology; etc. If you’re reading this maybe you’d like to meet other geeky types like you too. We proudly wear the nerd badge and try not to take ourselves too seriously, but if you kick sand in our face at the beach we’ll sick our giant pet robot squid after you to hug out that apology.

We also love nerds from other places too: Philly, Boston, New Jersey, Long Island, all over the East Coast and beyond!

Want to make friends?

The easiest way is to come to our monthly Boardgame Night. It’s free, in a casual easy to get to public space, you don’t have to signup to play, and you don’t need any experience… we love teaching games as much as playing them!

Want the maximum amount of nerdage, largest variety of games, and greatest diversity of people all in one place? Recess to the rescue!

Want more than just one day of nerd fun? Gotham Gaming Guild’s five session mini-RPG campaigns have you covered.

We’ve been known to watch movies, go to shows, check out the latest restaurants, go on picnics, and play trivia together. Check out our Get-togethers, True Nerd Trivia, Minecraft Server, World of Warcraft Guild, Steam Community, Parent Private Group, and Book Club.

If you want to stay updated: join our Message Boards and introduce yourself, talk to us on Facebook, or follow us on Twitter.

We look forward to meeting you!

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