Monsterhearts Second Skins!

by nerdnyc

Several NerdNYC members are contributing to the Monsterhearts Kickstarter!


What: $1,475 and 70 hours left to get 11 (eleven) Stretch Goals:


1. Autumn Winters and Jason Morningstar design a stand-alone game about a family of monsters moving into a human town, each member trying to fit in, trying to help one another live a normal life despite being monsters (an analogue for assimilation among immigrants).

2. World of Dungeons expansion from John Harper (bundled with World of Dungeons itself).

3. Johnstone Metzger writing Space Wurm vs. Moonicorn, an adventure scenario to accompany Adventures on Dungeon Planet and Dungeon World with AT LEAST two new space fantasy themed Dungeon World playbooks based on the Second Skins!

4. Monsterhearts Live Action Role-Playing by Terry Romero, Kira Scott, and John Stavropoulos.

5. The Reanimator Skin by Renee Knipe and Bret Gillan.

6. Ben Wray‘s mini-supplement that can patch onto any Monsterhearts Skin – that is, whichever is the last of their kind!

7. Amy Fox preparing A Spectrum of Shadows – a short supplement on filling out the range of gender and sexuality; for MC’s and players, for Monsterhearts and beyond.

8. A Harry Potter hack by Jonathan Walton.

9. Renee Knipe weave together her daydreams in Bahamian Rhapsody!

10. Ben Wray gives us Car Troubles!

11. Kira Scott and John Stavropoulos building a Monsterhearts one-shot/convention toolkit.


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