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We can’t lie; we love games, and the only thing we love more is playing them with other people. At NerdNYC you can find others to play games with; talk, debate, and discuss games with; and even meet folks that make games. It’s like eating a gaming sandwich spread with extra gaming butter and wearing your favorite gaming pants while riding a magical gaming unicorn!

Want to play Boardgames? Check out…

- Boardgame Night
- Recess

Want to play Roleplaying Games? Check out…

- Recess
- Gotham Gaming Guild
- Player Search

Also check out…

- Get-togethers
- True Nerd Trivia
- NerdNYC Minecraft Server
- NerdNYC World of Warcraft Guild
- NerdNYC Steam Community
- NerdNYC Book Club
- Introduce yourself
- Want a private forum for your RPG group?
- NerdNYC Parent private group
- Looking for people to play games with?

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Rileigh July 19, 2011 at 9:36 am

I think that’s absolutely good stuff.

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