True Nerd Trivia: SUPERTEMBER Results and Questions!

by Keren Form

The Sinister Six plans their victory!

Supertember may have been one of our most favorite trivia events yet!

The competition was incredibly fierce; we tried to make our higher level questions hard enough to challenge even the most avid of comic book fans…but you were too nerdy for us. 80% of the answers we received were correct, and half the teams got 90% or more correct overall. Even our wrong answers had obscure comic references like Squirrel Girl and Foggy Nelson. Well done nerds, well done indeed.

Our competing teams were: The Sinister Six, Sea Cucumber, Foghat, Wet Stallions, The Morgan Free-men, MMZ, Treebeard and The Killer Kenkus.

After an astoundingly close competition, The Sinister Six added yet another pie to their stomachs (apple berry!) and another win to their card with a total of 42 points. For those of you playing along – that means just 2 incorrect answers. Insane!

Next Events!

Recess: We hope to see everyone on October 8th at Recess for our next event!

Sweet Ups: Our next regularly scheduled event at Sweet Ups bar will be Wednesday November 9th at 7:30 pm.

Stay tuned here and at our Facebook page for updates and invites.

Play the home version and test your nerd cred!

Here are this month’s questions for your amusement! For the category “Costumes” we give descriptions of 2 heroes that have the same 2 main colors in their outfits. Name those colors!

For those of you who have yet to experience True Nerd Trivia in person, a note about the “asshole question.” This is the last question of each round that is so stupidly obscure that we are a-holes for asking, and, well, you’re an a-hole if you know it. If you answer these correctly at the events you get one of many custom asshole buttons to wear proudly!

We’ll post answers in the next week or so – have fun and good luck! (Answers here!)


  1. Origins: What super-heroine originally came to the U.S. bearing a wounded Steve Trevor in her invisible jet?
  2. Heroes: Which founding member of The Avengers likes to party and fights evil with a metal armor suit and repulsor rays?
  3. Villains: What bald-headed genius has been hating Superman’s guts since 1940?
  4. Sidekicks: What is the name of Superman’s red-headed, freckled pal who works as a photographer for the Daily Planet when he’s not busy marrying a gorilla, transforming into a giant turtle creature, or being cloned by super hippies?
  5. Costumes: New York’s own web-slinger and the God of Thunder
  6. Geography: Batman works out of what super-secret lair, hidden beneath stately Wayne Manor?
  7. Super Tech: How many retractable adamantium claws does Wolverine have in each of his hands?
  8. Super Teams: The original Fantastic Four was comprised of Mr Fantastic, The Thing, The Human Torch and… whom?
  9. Creators: What comic industry icon is credited with creating Spider Man, Iron Man and the Fantastic Four, and now does cameo appearances in many Marvel films?
  10. Book vs. Movie: n 1948 it was revealed that Bruce Wayne’s parents were killed by a mugger named Joe Chill.  In the 1989 Batman movie starring Michael Keaton, the mugger who killed Bruce Wayne’s parents later becomes what iconic Batman villain?
  11. Asshole: After signing his lease on a NYC apartment for what will be a short-lived stay in the Big Apple, Dr. James Hudson AKA Guardian passes his neighbor on the stairs for the first and only time. Who is this neighbor?


  1. Origins: When Dr Bruce Banner was hit with gamma radiation, he became what destructive hero?
  2. Heroes: Superman’s cousin, Kara Zor-El, is better known as what hero?
  3. Villains: What metal-masked super villain has his own country, where you can fly to via the airport named after him, which is right outside the capital city named after him, where they celebrate a holiday named after him?
  4. Sidekicks: What moth-costumed accountant is sidekick to the nigh-invulnerable Tick?
  5. Costumes: Tony Stark’s alter-ego and the Justice League’s speedster.
  6. Geography: Over the years many super heroes have hung out at 890 Fifth Ave. in Manhattan, including Captain America, The Vision and Wasp.  This is because 890 5th Avenue is the headquarters of what super team?
  7. Super Tech: There is a room in a mansion in Westchester that contains flamethrowers, ray guns, combat robots and other hazards.  What is the name of that room?
  8. Super Teams: Name all four Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.
  9. Creators: In 1988, DC editor Denny O’Neil had the idea to let fans vote, via a 900 number, to decide the fate of what character?
  10. Book vs. Movie: What minor Superman villain was popularized in Superman 2 when he demanded that the president kneel before him?
  11. Asshole: What were the titles of the first three collected paperback volumes of the Image comics series, “Invincible”?


  1. Origins: What Villain started off as a replacement costume Spider Man found during the Secret Wars?
  2. Heroes: In 1941, Wonder Woman joined the Justice Society of America (originally only as their secretary!)  Who was the next female hero to join the JSA?
  3. Villains: Mister Miracle escaped from an Apokolips orphanage run by what nasty lady?
  4. Sidekicks: What sidekick of Green Arrow finally earned his name when he became a drug addict?
  5. Costumes: Silver Surfer’s Boss and the Avengers archer.
  6. Geography: Dr. Strange’s Sanctum Sanctorum is located in what Manhattan neighborhood?
  7. Super Tech: Your home has been destroyed by Ultron 5. To which super scientist should you send the bill for collateral damages?
  8. Super Teams: What monkey-owning, shape-shifting twins are part of the Superfriends team?
  9. Creators: Mike Mignola has drawn a lot of superheroes, from Batman to Daredevil to Rocket Raccoon.  But he is best known for creating what big red hero?
  10. Book vs. Movie: In the movies, Mary Jane Watson is portrayed as Peter Parker’s first love. In the comics, what  blonde beauty was the first girl to capture Spidey’s affections?
  11. Asshole: What six DC heroes and 1 DC villain can be seen at Morpheus’ wake?


  1. Origins: Greer Grant offers herself as a guinea pig for Dr. Joanne Tumulo’s human potential experiments, and with her new abilities, becomes what crime-fighter?
  2. Heroes: During the Blackest Night, the Flash is deputized as a member of which color Lantern Corp, and what emotion does that color represent?
  3. Villains: Which classic nemesis of spider man acquires one of Iron Man’s suits to lead the Dark Avengers as the Iron Patriot?
  4. Sidekicks: What founder of the Teen Brigade and sidekick to just about everyone was directly responsible for Dr. Banner’s transformation into the Hulk?
  5. Costumes: Barbara Gordon’s shooter and a giant dragon in his undies.
  6. Geography: What former capital city of Krypton was stolen and miniaturized by the supervillain Brainiac?
  7. Super Tech: What 25th Century museum “guard” accompanies Booster Gold on his adventures?
  8. Super Teams: What United Nations super team originally consisted of Battalion, Hellstrike, Winter, Fuji and Diva?
  9. Creators: Alan Moore based Dr Manhattan on what character from Charlton Comics?
  10. Book vs. Movie: In the comics, B’wana Beast is retired.  In the “Batman: The Brave and the Bold” cartoon, he sacrificed his life to defeat what cosmic conqueror?
  11. Asshole: What were the four Oceanic Repellant Bat Sprays available in the bat copter in the 1966 Batman film?

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