True Nerd Trivia vs. Last Minute Craziness: Trivia Wins!

by Keren Form

As many of you know, due to some extreme (and extremely annoying) circumstances, True Nerd Trivia was forced to re-locate just four hours before the event was scheduled to start last night. We did our best to notify all our attendees. For anyone who didn’t get the message and was unable to attend, we are so sorry!

To all our contestants who did make it to Bar 82, thank you for making it a success despite all the craziness! And congratulations to Treebeard, who took the pie and stand tall as our current True Nerd Trivia champs!

Everyone seemed to really like the backroom of Bar 82, so we are working on making that our new home. Stay tuned for more details! Updates to follow soon on Facebook.

For those of you that were unable to attend last night, below are our questions of the evening for your play-at-home pleasure! Answers to follow soon!


Weapons: What weapon does Luke inherit from his father, given to him by Obi Wan Kenobi?

Post Apocalyptic Places: Sheriff Rick Grimes and pals attempt to find an answer to their zombie problem at the CDC in what US city?

Giant Robots: Voltron is formed by combining 5 vehicles that are each in the shape of what animal?

IRL: Which Avenger is now on his 3rd actor incarnation in the upcoming Avengers movie?

Potpourri: Benjamin Sisko commands what space station, inherited by Star Fleet from the Cardassians?

Hats: What adventuring archaeologist has risked his life to retrieve his signature fedora?

Potions: The Disciples of Saxon used the Potion of Life to bring back The Master, a nemesis of what Time Lord?

Tag Lines: What television series used the tagline “Winter is coming” for it’s first season, and “War is coming” for it’s second season?

Red Heads: What was the name of the only girl on the original X-Men team?

Bring Your Daughter to Work Day: Who would be joining Darth Vader aboard the Death Star on Bring your Daughter to Work day?

Asshole: Name all the stalkers that Ben Richards personally killed when he was a contestant on The Running Man. (movie not book)


Weapons: Imprisoned in a cave by terrorists, genius Tony Stark is forced to build what in order to escape his captors?

Post Apocalyptic Places: Mad Max emerges from the wasteland into what post-apocalyptic town, literally powered by pig shit?

Giant Robots: What robot falls to earth in 1957, befriends a boy named Hogarth, enjoys Superman comics and then sacrifices himself to save smalltown USA?

IRL: What famous real life physicist got to appear in an episode of Star Trek The Next Generation in 1993, playing a holodeck recreation of himself?

Potpourri: Commander Shephard is totally in control of his own destiny. He can choose to die in explosions of what three different colors?

Hats: What ridiculous-hat-wearing antagonist is Lone Star’s father’s brother’s cousin’s nephew’s former roommate?

Potions: If you are a hero intent on battling Diablo, you need to know your potions. Red potions restore life. Blue potions restore mana. What do purple potions restore?

Tag Lines: The tagline “It Will Take You A Million Light Years From Home” refers to what ancient alien technology which was dug up by archeologists in Egypt?

Red Heads: What young lady had Doctor Who as an imaginary friend for seven years before becoming his companion?

Bring Your Daughter to Work Day: If Commissioner Gordon brought his daughter Barbara to work, none of the officers at the police station would realize they were actually hanging out with what super hero?

Asshole: If you had bought Captain Kirk’s Kidney Stone, how much would it have cost you and what charity would you have been supporting?


Weapons: Lara Croft can be seen most days sporting a tank top, shorts, calf-high boots, and long white socks. Her accessories include fingerless gloves, a backpack, and a pair of what trusty weapons?

Post Apocalyptic Places: Katniss and Peeta hail from District 12 in what Post-Apocalyptic nation?

Giant Robots: What animated giant suit of armor is created by Odin, and then apparently left unattended so Loki can wreak havoc on Thor when he feels bored?

IRL: If you visit the Hotel Portmeirion Resort in Wales, you can relive the adventures and weirdness of what British TV series?

Potpourri: What are the first names of agents Mulder and Scully?

Hats: What adventurer has a white hat with little ears on it, which completely covers his lovely long blonde hair.

Potions: What potion, based on a druid spell of the same name, makes you more dexterous, thus helping you perform feats of acrobatics, dodge perilous traps, and avoid attacks of opportunity?

Tag Lines: What cosmic-powered hero was originally referred to as “The Sentinal of the Spaceways”?

Red Heads: Who ratted out her father to Cersei Lannister, leading to his eventual execution?

Bring Your Daughter to Work Day: Although Teela was raised by Man-at-Arms, we later learn that another resident of Eternia should actually be taking Teela to work with her. Who is this?

Asshole: After Tuor’s escape from Hithlum, he followed what signs south to the halls of Vinyamar, where he found weapons left by Turgon as well as Voronwe, who guided him to Gondolin.


Weapons: Carnwennan,  Rhongomyniad and Clarent are the lesser known weapons of a hero who also wielded a very famous sword.  Name that sword.

Post Apocalyptic Places: What land is the home of Finn and Jake and their insanely weird post-apocalyptic future?

Giant Robots: To prevent the destruction of Tokyo via monster, Rusty the Boy Robot is given help from the U.S. Army, in the form of what robot?

IRL: In French Internet subculture, what star wars character’s name became an expression meaning “your question does not make sense?”

Potpourri: Amon wants to turn the citizens of Republic City against the benders and the avatar.  What is the name of his revolutionary group?

Hats: Rincewind may be the absolute worst Wizard on Discworld, but he always makes sure that a word written on his pointy hat, even if he has to make it out of seashells?  What is the word on Rincewind’s hat? (Spelling counts!)

Potions: Professor Snape often threatens Harry with a magical equivalent of Sodium Pentathol.  What is this potion called in the wizarding world?

Tag Lines: What film, scheduled for release in July this year, has the tagline “The Legend Ends”?

Red Heads: What Barbarian was given her incredible fighting skills by the goddess Scáthach?

Bring Your Daughter to Work Day: Who would hang out with Paul Muad Dib Atreides in the Imperial Palace on Arrakis on Take Your Daughter to Work Day?

Asshole: What movie has been watched by both Tom Servo and ET the extra terrestrial?

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