What’s Recess Like? [Photos January 2012]

by nerdnyc

Recess was gaming and friendship all weekend long! 200 people participated in helping everyone have an awesome time.

What’s Recess like?

We could tell you… or we could show you…

Friday Party Photos…

Saturday & Sunday Recess Photos…

Real Life Lovecraft Cthulhu Investigators:

Recess as an old school dungeon map:


Stand Up Comedy?

Live Action, Action Castle, acted out!

Lots of boardgames (we call them miniatures, you call them toys):

Custom Character Sheets:

Friendly GMs:

Controlled Chaos:

Friendly Staff:

Game Signups:


You animals… the Swap Table didn’t stand a chance!

True Nerd Trivia:

We had 2 My Little Pony games including a GM who dressed up as a pony!

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