Before you come to Recess…

by Pillar

…Remember the following:

1)  BRING CASH. Recess Registration is $20 for the whole day — CASH ONLY.  We will not be accepting credit cards for registration.

2)  BRING YOUR ID. Recess is adults-only.  No one under 18-years-old will be admitted.  We will be checking IDs.

3)  BRING SWAP TABLE STUFF, IF YOU WANT.  As always, we will be setting up the Recess Swap Table; this is a table where anyone can leave Nerdy gear/books/etc. they no longer want — anyone is free to take anything from this table. We only ask that you check the table before you leave and take anything you brought that no one else wanted either.

4)  BRING OLD GAME NOTES/SKETCHES/MAPS/ETC TO DONATE TO PLAGMADA.  Our friends at collect old RPG materials to archive.  If you bring material to donate to the archive, you’ll be entered in drawing to win a $50 gift certificate to Modern Myths!

5) BRING EXTRA MONEY. Our friends at Modern Myths will be selling games and merchandise at Recess, at a 10% discount for all attendees!  Modern Myths will be accepting credit cards for their sales.



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