Bleecker Street Card Game Night — November 7th

by Pillar

Recently we were contacted by a night manager working at ThinkCoffee.  They consider our Boardgame Nights at ThinkCoffee (Mercer Street) a big success, and would like to see similar events held at their other locations, specifically the ThinkCoffee located on Bleecker Street.  So we’ve decided to hold a bonus game night there to get them started!

The catch, however, is that the amount of table space available at Bleecker is pretty limited, and the tables are fairly small.  Therefore, this event will focus on CARD GAMES.

On WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 7th, 7:00-11:00 PM, NerdNYC will hold a special CARD GAME NIGHT at ThinkCoffee Bleecker!

Bring any small card game you want, enjoy the company of your fellow nerds and eat delicious foodstuffs!

We’ll be meeting @:
THINKCOFFEE (Bleecker Street)
1 Bleecker Street
(on the corner of Bleecker and Bowery)
New York, NY
Google map


*ThinkCoffee respectfully requests that you purchase something from their wide variety of drinks and vegan-friendly foodstuffs.


Please post if you are attending, and list the games you intend to bring so that people can get all excited!

NOTE:  Table space at ThinkCoffee Bleecker is very restricted!  Only bring games that can fit on a small table.

NOTE: Like all of our events, no experience is necessary to participate.  We ask that everyone who brings a game be ready to explain the rules to newcomers.

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