Boardgame Nights: New FB page and Mailing List

by Pillar

Hey folks! For almost 7 years now I’ve been running regular monthly Boardgame nights at ThinkCoffee on behalf of the NerdNYC organization. In that time, we’ve played a ton of games, and met a ton of new people. Our Boardgame Nights have become something of an institution, and I want to see them continue going strong.

For this reason, I’ve started a separate Facebook page specifically for Boardgame Nights:

In addition, I’ve started a Group Group mailing list where anyone can join and discuss the events and whatever other gaming topics they would like:!forum/boardgame-nights-nyc

Eventually all event announcements will be made exclusively on these channels, but for now I will continue to make announcements on NerdNYC as well.

Thanks so much for supporting Boardgame Nights!

- Ryan

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