Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do I need to have prior experience with games to come to NerdNYC events?

No experiences necessary! Maybe you’ve never gamed a second in your life, or you gamed every day up until the age of 18 and never picked up dice since then, all levels of experience are welcome to our events. We love to show how these games are played, and you don’t have to be member of the message boards or Facebook page to join us for Board Game Night, Get Togethers events or attend Recess.

Due to the nature of the the Gotham Gaming Guild it’s recommended that you join the message boards if you wish to participate, and those wishing to GM or run games at events such as Recess or GGG should also join the message boards and become familiar with the community.

2. I don’t play RPGs or boardgames, but I love to read comic books or play video games or watch sci-fi movies or listen to chiptunes music or read fantasy novels or build giant robots in my spare time. Is NerdNYC for me?

If you would like to become more acquainted with socially-minded nerds in the NYC/East Coast area, then yes, you’ve come to the right place!

We are open minded bunch that appreciates nerds of every flavor, vintage, gender, ethnic background, creed, planet of origin, etc. Especially if you build giant robots, come on over right now: we want you on our side when the giant robotpocalypse comes!

3. NerdNYC sounds cool and I want to help out! What can I do?

We’re happy you wan to help! NerdNYC is primarily run on a volunteer basis by a core group of officers who manage everything from the day to day web stuff to special events like Recess. If you have a skill or access to resources you think a non-profit social group could find useful, we’d love to hear about it! For example, we’re always looking for affordable spaces to hold events, access to printing materials, or anything that could be fun or useful during events.

As far as actual events go we often will ask for help in advance of the date if anyone could lend us a hand.

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