GGG Season 14 is COMING!

by Rob Trimarco

Dates: Fridays September 23, October 7, October 21, November 4, and November 18
Time: 7 – 11 PM
Location: 440 Studios

Step 1: Starting now until 8/22 GM’s submit games to
Step 2: 8/22 Game submissions close and voting begins – NerdNYC GGG players vote on the games that will make it into the GGG!
Step 3: 9/2 Game voting ends.
Step 4: 9/5 Player signups begin – once all slots fill, players will be randomly placed and the GGG will be ready to begin!
Step 5: GGG starts @ 7 PM on 9/23!

NerdNYC forum link to the info

If you are a GM who wants to run a game for the most awesome of Role Playing Game events NerdNYC organizes please follow this step:

Email me at with the following info:

* Your real name and NerdNYC board name
* Title of your game (ex: “Under the Demon Rock” or “Creep Squad”)
* System you will be running (ex: “Mouseguard” or “Gurps Supers”)
* Genre (ex: “Post Apocalyptic Horror” or “High Fantasy”)
* Full description (include all the details of your game, if the characters are going to be created prior to session #1 of the GGG, if you will provide pre-gens, and any other info you wish to convey)
* Amount of players needed to play your game (minimum and maximum)
* Dates of the GGG you may not be available (if you may miss a session or two contact The Gotham Gaming Guildmaster, and your players when it’s time, to let them know you will not be attending the full amount of sessions – we will try to schedule an alternate game those nights)

NerdNYC forum link to the game submission thread.

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