Gotham Gaming Guild

Level up with a multi-session role playing game!

Do you miss playing tabletop RPGs that last longer than just one session?
Gotham Gaming Guild meets twice a year for two “seasons” of 5 gaming sessions held after work on select Friday nights. We aim to offer a wide selection of tabletop role playing games geared toward fitting in some old-fashioned multi-session gaming fun between work and life stuff. Level up, explore more, dive into your gaming character, and play again with other like-minded gamers just like the good old days (only better because it’s not in your mom’s basement).

Are you looking to make new friends to play games with?
GGG is a great way to meet other busy, active people who are interested in roleplaying games just like you. Haven’t played an RPG in years, or never have and wanted to try it out? Check out our next round of GGG dates; we’re saving a spot for you!

Do you need a conveniently located space to game in?
Gotham Gaming Guild dates are held on select Friday nights, from 7-11pm, conveniently located downtown in the heart of Cooper Union at 440 Studios near the 6, N, R trains. With so many great bars and restaurants in the area there’s still plenty to do after the gaming is done.

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