Help – Gaming For Science!

by nerdnyc

As many of you know, there’s loads to learn from gaming. Games are a great exploratory space for all kinds of concepts, big and small. We learn about commerce, we learn about social justice, we learn about basic strategies for conflict narration.

Jessica Hammer, an incredible academic, is looking to explore more theories about gaming, by playing a game (convenient, no?). All you need to do to help her is read some short vignettes, answer a few questions and choose some explanations for what you see.

The whole thing will take between 30 and 60 minutes, and can be done at this link:

At the end of the study, you may enter your name and email to be eligible to win an iPad. Winners will be chosen at random from all subjects who complete the study. The odds of winning are one in for hundred.

Thanks so much for your help, we appreciate it, and remember, you’re doing this FOR SCIENCE.

(Obligatory disclaimer: The project has been approved by the IRB, protocol number 13-144.)

All my best,

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