Iron GM at Dexcon! Best GM wins trip to GenCon!

by nerdnyc

GM Contender Call:

Think you’re the best GM in town? Prove it! You have an hour to weave an adventure from three secret story elements, then amaze players you’ve never met with the game of their lives. Share a prize chest worth thousands of dollars just for competing. The top three GMs win big – but only one wins a free trip to GEN CON 2012 to compete for the Iron GM World Championship title. Be DEXCON’s next Iron Contender!

Player Call:

The NY/NJ metro area’s most determined GMs are on a mission to give you the greatest game of your life. Competitors must take three secret story elements and improvise gaming brilliance just for you, while stunning models throw plushie d20s at you and hang shiny dice around your neck for each nat-20 you roll. Score your GM after your game and pick the best GM in the East. Win stacks of hot prizes just for showing up. Don’t miss the RPG event of the convention. Decide who’s a contender and who’s a pretender – decide who is Iron!

Iron GM:


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