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Many members of NerdNYC are going!

If you want to playtest a game or learn how to make games and are available… we HIGHLY recommend you meet us there!

- What : 72hs of games, demonstrations, playtests, and seminars
- Why : Playtest your games. Learn from Design Professionals.
- Games : RPGs, Story Games, LARPs, Board Games, Wargames

- When : October 31-November 3, 2013
- Where : 3 Speedwell Ave, Morristown, NJ 07960
- Hotel : $104.00/night, (mention METATOPIA)

- Cost : $20 for Players ($30 at the door), $80 for Designers
- Register :
- Info :
- Questions :

METATOPIA is both a freeform exchange of gaming AND a tightly scheduled convention. Rather than having the gamemasters focus on the attendees, we have turned the tables and are creating an environment where the Players are there to focus on the designers!

Even if your game idea consists of three pencils and a cat, you’ll want to be at this exciting festival, where every Designer is treated as a star. Dust it off, show it off, and let your peers help you get it ready for the 2014 convention season!

Metatopia is also very inclusive! Avonelle Wing is one of the main organizers, they have an anti-harassment policy, and the Special Industry Guests are nearly 50% women:

- Kenneth Hite
- James Ernest
- Joe Mcdaldno
- Will Hindmarch
- Elizabeth Sampat
- Ryan Macklin
- Lillian Cohen-Moore
- Julia Ellingboe
- Christina Stiles

Additionally I’m working with Darren Watts to help Metatopia develop the BEST panel track for game designers of any game convention I’m aware of. I will also play moderator in several of the panels, especially ones dealing with sensitive topics, to ensure equal voices and a friendly environment for sharing and learning.

We are NOT affiliated with Metatopia. We just LOVE what they are doing!

I hope you will join us.


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