NerdNYC News February 2011

by nerdnyc

What games do you want to play this GGG?
> Vote here –
> Choose 3 of the following…
–> RISUS (pop icons time travel to 1980s to save the world)
–> Eclipse Phase (hard SciFi)
–> Pathfinder (fantasy and pirates!)
–> Celluloid Screams and High School Horrors (playtest)
–> Leverage (rich and powerful take what they want, you steal it back)
–> Trail of Cthulhu (The Armitage Files, pre-apocalyptic 1930’s horror)
–> Pathfinder (slay Dragons!)
> Poll ends 2/25/2011, please vote soon –

The Gotham Gaming Guild is back!
> Do you miss playing RPGs that last longer than 1-2 games?
> Are you looking to make new friends to play games with?
> Do you need a conveniently located space to game in?
> GGG is back on 3/25/2011, 4/8, 4/22, 5/6, and 5/20
> Interested? Check out –

Free Board Game Night!
> Friday, March 4th from 7-11pm in Manhattan
> Free!
> Play games! Make friends!
> Interested? Check out –

Other News…
> Gen Con Pass Giveaway in NYC –
> So how long have you been playing RPGs for?
> What Video Games Worlds do you want to play in?
> Upcoming Music Concerts –
> Community TV show featuring D&D –
> New to NYC? Nerdy places to visit –
> Like Trivia? What about True Nerd Trivia?
> Looking for people to play games with?
> NerdNYC has a group Minecraft Server! Join us –
> Introduce yourself!
> Play World of Warcraft with us –
> Coming to Gencon?
> Coming to Dreamation?
> Coming to PAX East?

Trouble logging into NerdNYC’s forum?
> Please try again as we have updated
> If you are still having problems (or know someone who is), email us at

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