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RECESS is next Saturday, June 18th!
> RECESS is NerdNYC’s all day gaming event!
> No experience needed, any rules will be taught.
> No advanced registration is required, just show up and play!
> All the info you need –

Free Board Game Night… is tonight!
> Tonight, Friday June 10th from 7-11pm in Manhattan
> All the info you need –
> Future dates –

> We have 38+ scheduled games!
> Play Cthulhu for Charity –
> And we will have an entire room and 4 tables dedicated to open gaming! Run and play anything you want!
> For full game descriptions, check out:
> The games are incredible! Including:

Dragon Age, Fallout via Mouseguard, Final Fantasy via Burning Wheel, Assassin’s Creed via Fortune’s Fool, Pokemon via Dungeons & Dragons, Mass Effect via Eclipse Phase, World of Warcraft via Burning Wheel, Angry Birds via Polaris, Adventure (Atari 2600) via Dungeons & Dragons, The Muppet Show with a secret Video Game guest star, ADOM via Pathfinder, Dungeon Keeper via Dungeon Lords, Pole Position via Formula D, Deathwatch, Castlevania via The Final Girl, Assassin’s Creed 2 Parody via Wordplay, Diablo via Castle Ravenloft and Wrath of Ashardalon, Starcraft via the Dark Refuge Rpg, Bioshock via Template Engine, BattleTech, Lego Dungeon Delve: BrickQuest, Arkham Horror, Last Night on Earth, Dungeons & Dragons: Iron GM!, Descent, BASH (Basic Action Super Heroes), Hero System – 1935 Pulp Action, The Sword Merchants, Navegador, Call of Cthulhu, Trail of Cthulhu, Fiasco, and more!

NerdNYC updates…
> NerdNYC T-shirts are back and we’re selling them at cost!
> Introduce yourself –
> Join NerdNYC’s Minecraft Server –
> Cool nerdy NYC hot spots –
> NerdNYC Book Club –
> Join our Nerd Parent private group –
> Looking for people to play games with?
> Play World of Warcraft with us –

Want to join a game?
> Play D20 BESM, D&D, SciFi LARP, Burning Wheel, or Mutants & Masterminds –
> Call of Cthulhu over Skype –
> LARP Seeks Players –

Other News…
> HPL-inspired mini skirmish game –
> X-Men: First Class –
> Article about LARPing on the Front Page of NJ Paper –
> DC Comics… big changes coming –
> Who’s Going to Dexcon 14? –
> Comic / Gaming / Book store of the future –
> HBO’s Game of Thrones –
> iPhone Apps –
> What’s Your Favorite Podcast –
> iOS boardgames –
> BrickQuest! – Dungeon Delving Legos –
> Hacking damage & hit points –
> How to make the best Hummos –
> Where to play in NYC?
> Upcoming Music Concerts –

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