NerdNYC News May 2011 – Part 2

by nerdnyc

RECESS is coming! Saturday June 18th!
> All the info you need –
> RECESS is NerdNYC’s all day gaming event!
> No experience needed, any rules will be taught.
> No advanced registration is required, just show up and play!
> RECESS photos –

Want to Run Games at RECESS?
> Submit games here –
> We already have 38 game submissions with only 36 game slots!
> If you want to run a game at RECESS, submit ASAP!
> Run 4 hours of games and attend RECESS for free!
> The potential RECESS game line up is incredible…

Dragon Age, Fallout via Mouseguard, Final Fantasy via Burning Wheel, Assassin’s Creed via Fortune’s Fool, Pokemon via Dungeons & Dragons, Mass Effect via Eclipse Phase, World of Warcraft via Burning Wheel, Angry Birds via Polaris, Adventure (Atari 2600) via Dungeons & Dragons, The Muppet Show with a secret Video Game guest star, ADOM via Pathfinder, Dungeon Keeper via Dungeon Lords, Pole Position via Formula D, Deathwatch, Castlevania via The Final Girl, Assassin’s Creed 2 Parody via Wordplay, Diablo via Castle Ravenloft and Wrath of Ashardalon, Starcraft via the Dark Refuge Rpg, Ecco the Dolphin via Everything is Dolphins, Bioshock via Template Engine, BattleTech, Lego Dungeon Delve: BrickQuest, Arkham Horror, Last Night on Earth, Dungeons & Dragons: Iron GM!, Descent, BASH (Basic Action Super Heroes), Hero System – 1935 Pulp Action, The Sword Merchants, Navegador, Call of Cthulhu, Savage Worlds, Trail of Cthulhu, Fiasco

Want to attend RECESS for free?
> Attending RECESS? Let us know –
> Help spread the word –
> Or run 4 hours of games!

NerdNYC T-shirts are Back!
> We want everyone to have them… so we are selling them at cost!
> Purchase here –

Free Board Game Night!
> Friday, June 10th from 7-11pm in Manhattan
> All the info you need –
> Future dates –

NerdNYC updates…
> Cool nerdy NYC hot spots –
> NerdNYC Book Club –
> Introduce yourself –
> New website coming soon –
> Want a private forum for your RPG group?
> Join our Nerd Parent private group –
> Looking for people to play games with?
> Join NerdNYC’s Minecraft Server –
> Play World of Warcraft with us –

Other News…
> Should a DM Fib To Improve an Adventure?
> New Ancient Rome Cthulhu scenario by NerdNYC’s OskMinionOfCthulhu –
> Your perfect D&D game… what happens in it?
> NerdNYC’s Deliverator may have a song in a movie!
> What comic books did you buy this week?
> Vote for NerdNYC member queenmob’s shirt on threadless –
> Adventure hooks you don’t like…
> Adventure hooks you *DO* like…
> NerdNYC’s Bar_sinister is releasing a new Sci-Fi RPG using FATE –
> Where do you buy comics?
> Pantheon Press T-Shirts –
> What are you watching on Netflix?
> New gaming store opening in Brooklyn –
> Where to play in NYC?
> Upcoming Music Concerts –

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