New gaming event: D.B.A.G.S. on Dec. 1st!

by Rob Trimarco

What is D.B.A.G.S. you ask? It’s Day of Big Ass Game Sessions! An all day event where people will be able to play some of the more complex and time intensive games out there. The ones that are too long to play at one session of a Board Game Night, The GGG, or Recess

Sign up today to play in one of 6 awesome games!

Click here for game descriptions, instructions on how to sign up, and excitement!

Day: Saturday Dec. 1st

Location: 440 Studios in Manhattan

Time: 11 AM to 7 PM

Cost: $15.00

Games being offered:

Memoir ’44

1830 Railways and Robber Barons

Game of Thrones and Shadows Over Camelot


Dungeon World

In Nomine

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