NEW @ Recess: GMs wanted for GM mentorship

by nerdnyc

Hey! Here’s something new we’re considering for this coming Recess…

GM mentorship: help someone learn to run games!

Do you want to see new gamers dive in and try their hand at running tabletop RPGs? Ever wanted to teach others how to run your favorite RPG? How about encouraging more women gamers (and men too) to run a gaming session? Then we want you at our next Recess!

Consider this a fast, friendly “GM Bootcamp”, geared toward gamers who’ve always dreamed of running tabletop RPGs but feel overwhelmed. We feel that the secret to learning to becoming a confident GM is just to run some games! By being a GM mentor, you can help someone make that first move by including them in your view of a gaming session.

This could mean just giving friendly rules guidance for a novice GM, or working together to co-GM a game, or simply letting them sit on your side of the screen and giving them an insider’s perspective of how a game works.

If you’re interested in becoming a GM mentor for Recess, be sure to check off the “Yes, include me as a GM mentor” box when submitting your game information.

Please note, since we’re only now gathering data about GM mentorship for Recess, we can’t guarantee it’s going to go off. It all depends on a few things (including general interest), and if it doesn’t happen this time, it may in the future!

How exactly does GM mentorship work?
This is an all-new, experimental aspect of Recess we’re going to try for the first time. We’ll be able to learn from the experience here and use it to further build the program.

If you check “yes” on your game description that you’re interested in being a mentor GM, we’ll contact you soon with more details. Keep in mind that there’s a chance this program may not happen this Recess, but we will definitely keep you in mind the next time it seems feasible to try it again.

What is expected of me as a GM mentor?
It all depends what you’re willing to offer. As a participating GM, we’ll contact you about your teaching style: would you prefer to hang by the sidelines and guide your student as they run the game? Or do you see yourself collaborating with them as a partner GM? Even if you are fine with them just observing you, we’ll try and match you up with a student that meshes with your style.

How will you find me a student?
After we locate mentors, we’ll put out a call for students and match them up with your game, teaching style, etc. Students will be considered regular attendees of Recess and pay the regular entrance fee.

What games should I teach?
Ideally anything you love and would love to see others learn. We would like to see all levels of complexity and genres taught: from Pathfinder and Burning Wheel to Fiasco and Apocalypse World. Popular small press games and indie games are especially encouraged. If you’re unsure what to run, we may ask prospective students to request games!

You say this might encourage more women to run games?
Yes, we hope! We’ve participated in many discussions over various diverse gaming communities about how best to encourage more women to run games. The most common complaint from women (and everyone, really) is that running games takes too much preparation, or task seems overwhelming. Of course if you’re a guy and want to learn to GM at Recess, that’s cool too!

Mentorship can make running a game less mysterious or daunting for any student, be it her first time GMing or the first time running a game in a particular system. Imagine how much easier GMing your first game would have been if someone had helped you learn the ropes as you played.

I’m interested in helping out!
That’s awesome! Here are a few ways:

  • If you’re running a game at Recess, offer to be a GM mentor
  • Offer to help mentor someone with a particular requested game at Recess. More details to come.
  • Spread the word that Recess will feature GM mentorship. We’ll need both students and teachers!
  • BE at student! We want you to learn to be a confident GM too.
  • Encourage women who’ve always wanted to run a game to participate.

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