by nerdnyc

Recess was a HUGE SUCCESS!!!

Thanks so much to Pillar, Jimb, badasswitch, jenskot, and evilyn for organizing Recess!

We were grateful and fortunate to have Tekatana, mumblethrax, and BaronHelix help running Recess! And thanks to Dragonbear82 for acquiring the gift certificates we gave away to people waiting at the back of the game signup lines.

We want to emphatically thank abzu, AD1066, at5115, bar_sinister, BaronHelix, bpm123, DarkRefuge, David Berg, Deliverator, delta, dorje, Dragonbear82, E.T.Smith, elricz, evil_evil_evil, Evilyn, faust, gaylord500, GrimGrim, Gundabad, Herzwesten, Iguanaonastick, Invincible Overlord, James_Nostack, jared a. sorensen, Joshua A.C. Newman, librisia, littleidiot, LRosetw8, lula, murasaki, nomopomo, Osk, MinionOfCthulhu, Pillar, pingstanton, plexar, PSRDNYC, Seraph, Seth, SkorDaTora, SurrenderMonkey, Tav_Behemoth, The Firebird, truegrit, urbwar, Warboss_Waaazag, zargonddg, Zehmyan, and zuk… for running games & events at Recess! Without you… there would be no Recess!

Thanks to 440 Studios for hosting Recess. We made major improvements over last Recess but there were areas that we identified that needed improvement. Many out of our control and almost all minor but the Recess staff will meet in the near future to brainstorm how to make next Recess even better. People played games. People made friends. That’s what NerdNYC is about… mission accomplished!

And finally we would love to thank all of you who attended, brought your enthusiasm and kick ass attitudes to Recess! In total we were 180 people strong! A new record! 150 people Saturday and 121 Sunday. Even more amazing we had 40+ new people to NerdNYC and many more new to Recess. Most of the new people heard about Recess from friends… so thank you for spreading the fun! It’s very much appreciated. We want to do it again soon!

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