Recess June 2011: huge success!

by nerdnyc

Recess was a HUGE SUCCESS!

We would love to thank all of you who attended, brought your enthusiasm and kick ass attitudes to Recess! In total we were around 140 people strong! People played games. People made friends. That’s what NerdNYC is about… so we would say mission accomplished!


We collected $155 in donations for as part of the Cthulhu for Charity event. NerdNYC matched these donations, bringing the total money donated to $310!


We had almost 60 surveys filled out! We are always striving to improve Recess and your feedback is crucial. A few highlights:

- 38% said their favorite part of Recess was the people, 21% said the quality games, 19% said trying new games and the selection of games.

- Our new signup system seems to be an overall success! Only 12% didn’t like the new system and we collected a lot of useful information on how to improve it.

- There were some issues with noise in 3G but most agreed that noise is partly the price of having community events. On the upside, we have ideas on how to improve this!

- Most requested games for the future: Vampire, Werewolf, Pathfinder, Paranoia, Shadowrun, Lady Blackbird, Dogs in the Vineyard, Dresden Files, Burning Wheel, Battlestar Galactica, Apocalypse World, Jungle Speed, and Agricola.

- All games ran without problem except for 1 that didn’t get enough players. Not a bad percentage!

- Open gaming tables were filled and active all day!

- True Nerd Trivia was a huge success!

- Best news of all: 100% said they would come to Recess again!

What did you think of Recess?

If you attended Recess but didn’t fill out a survey and still want to, you may do so online here:

Special Thanks:

Thanks so much to Pillar, Jenskot, Jimb, and badasswitch for organizing Recess!

Major shout out to Tekatana, mumblethrax, and Thor for helping us run Recess!

We want to emphatically thank ad1066, at5115, Barking Alien, BaronHelix, Bret G, cawshis, cknight, DancingWarPanda, DarkRefuge, darrenwatts, Deliverator, E.T.Smith, elricz, foner, gothicanhybrid, Gronti, IngredientX, Iskander, jware30, littleidiot, Foner, nomopomo, ogreteeth, Osk,MinionOfCthulhu, pingstanton, StompyMcD, Tav_Behemoth, The Firebird, TheBauhausCure, truegrit, urbwar, and Warboss_Waaazag… for running games & events at Recess! Without you… there would be no Recess!


- NerdNYC Facebook:

- Lagomorpho’s photos:

We can’t wait for next Recess!

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Jessie July 19, 2011 at 1:10 am

I’m out of leguae here. Too much brain power on display!

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