Recess October 2011: success!

by nerdnyc

Recess was a SUCCESS!

We would love to thank all of you who attended, brought your enthusiasm and kick ass attitudes to Recess! In total we were around 140 people strong! People played games. People made friends. That’s what NerdNYC is about… so we would say mission accomplished!

What did you think of Recess?

Your feedback helps make Recess the best it can be! Make your voice heard here:

Special Thanks:

Thanks so much to Pillar, badasswitch, Jenskot, Jimb, and Evilyn for organizing Recess!

Major shout out to mumblethrax, Frank, ayla, and wagemage for helping us run Recess!

We want to emphatically thank at5115, Osk, MinionOfCthulhu, Evilyn, dorje, Warboss_Waaazag, Barking Alien, Natertot, E.T.Smith, pingstanton, urbwar, jbuxom, truegrit, ad1066, zaerdna, BaronHelix, Yamara, IngredientX, foner, jenskot, Seth, Leftahead, elricz, boredoom, ogreteeth, littleidiot, Charlatan, Omar, DeirdreZ, Pillar, herzwesten, and Kreuter… for running games at Recess! Without you… there would be no Recess!

We can’t wait for next Recess!

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