Recess Rules for Awesome Gaming!

by nerdnyc

Follow these simple rules to make Recess fun for everyone!


* Keep your head in the game! Stay engaged and actively participate! Don’t forget to silence your cell phone. If you need to use your phone, step away from the table.

* Help other players have fun! Give them their time in the spotlight! If they don’t know the rules, offer to help.

* Stick to the theme and tone of the game. No dancing ninjas in a serious horror game!

* Don’t be a jerk! Don’t slow down the game by arguing about rules or asking endless questions. If you want your character to be a jerk, make sure it’s ok with the other players first!

* Aggressive, argumentative, racist, sexist, and homophobic behavior will not be tolerated! Mature games may deal with sensitive themes like racism. That’s not an excuse for offensive behavior toward the real people around you.

* Anyone breaking these rules may be asked to leave Recess. This has never happened, please help us keep it that way.

* We are here to help! If you have any problems, speak to the staff member at the registration desk.

Game Moderators:

* Bring all the materials needed to run your game.

* Arrive at least 15 minutes before your game starts.

* If you don’t have players after 15 minutes, tell a NerdNYC staff member. We will help you find players or get you into a game.

* When all your payers arrive, explain what the game is about. If your game includes any sensitive material, mention this now. Ask everyone if this is the game they want to play. If not, ask them to see a NerdNYC staff member for help getting into a different game (if spots are available).

* Be patient and willing to teach players the games you are running.

* Make sure everyone has their fair turn and equal time participating.

* If a player is being disruptive, call for a break and talk to the person in private (so they don’t feel ganged up on). Tell them politely but firmly how they are being disruptive and advise them on how to avoid this behavior. 90% of the time people are not aware they are being disruptive. And if you don’t stop them, it’s the equivalent of saying, “what you are doing is ok, keep doing it.” Be neutral and avoid making it personal. It could just be a misunderstanding.

* If you’ve talked to the person being disruptive and they do it again, tell a NerdNYC staff member.

* We are here to help! If you have any problems, speak to the staff member at the registration desk.

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