2 Day Recess: Save the Date – January 14th & 15th

by Pillar

RECESS is this Saturday January 14th and Sunday, January 15th at 440 Studios in Manhattan! from 11am-10:30pm each day!

What is RECESS?
- RECESS is an all day gaming event hosted by NerdNYC.
- Join us in making friends and playing games!
- No experience needed, any rules will be taught.
- No advanced registration is required, just show up and play!

Free Friday night RECESS party?
- It’s true!
- Details here: http://bit.ly/tsesUI

Coming to RECESS?
- Let us know here: http://on.fb.me/tlZnuY
- Use the “Invite Friends” link on the top right of Facebook to tell friends who also want to play games!

How do I register for Recess?
- There is no advanced registration. Just show up, signup, and play!
- Details here: http://bit.ly/ABSgAj

Win $150 in Gift Certificates!
- Details here: http://bit.ly/yoA4Bc

Admission Cost:
- Admission is $20 per person, per day ($40 for both days).*
- Want to attend Recess free?
- Sign up to run 4 hours of games and attend 1 day free!
- Run 8 hours, attend 2 days free!
- *Admission buys you a 1 or 2 day membership to NerdNYC’s nonprofit to attend RECESS.

Saturday & Sunday Schedule:
- 11am DOORS OPEN!
- 11:30am Signups for First Session (12-4pm)
- 12-4pm Game Slot 1
- 4pm Food Break
- 5pm True Nerd Trivia on Saturday, Seminars on Sunday.
- 5pm Open gaming both days
- 6pm Signups for Second Session (6:30-10:30om)
- 6:30-10:30pm Game Slot 2
- 10:30pm Clean-up

Game Schedule (80 games):
- http://bit.ly/vLVp8L

Special Events:
- Painting Class, Trivia, Find Players Seminar, Run Games Seminar!
- http://bit.ly/xjzRia

- 440 Lafayette Street
- New York, NY 10003
- 3rd Floor
- Subways: 6 (Astor Place), N,R (8th Street)
- Directions: http://440studios.com/how-do-i-get-there/

Rules for Awesome Gaming:
- http://bit.ly/yWOqI1

Swap Table:
- Want free nerd-stuff?
- Got cool nerd-stuff to share?
- The Swap Table will be on the 3rd Floor, room White Box.
- http://bit.ly/yN0a7Q

Recess FAQ:

What is Recess? – Recess is a quarterly gameday hosted by NerdNYC. Recess exists to provide opportunities for our attendees to socialize and play. None of the games require any previous experience and rules will be taught as needed. We want every person attending Recess to have good time. Anyone who cannot play nicely with others will be asked to leave (without refund). This has never happened, please help us keep it that way!How do I sign up to play games? – Registration for games is done on site. We put up the sign up sheets a half hour before the two blocks of games begin. Make sure you show up on time to sign up! To be fair to all, you are only allowed to sign-up for yourself. Since there are limits to how many people can play any given game, It is entirely possible that some games get filled up early. Don’t worry if you didn’t get into a game that appealed to you – that’s just an opportunity to play something else that you may not have otherwise considered!

What will the food situation be like at Recess? – The area around the 440 Studios is chock full of places for food and beverages. There is a two hour break between sessions to allow people to get food and come back without missing any scheduled events.

Is there any other way I can help out besides running a game? – Occasionally we need additional help. In those instances we’ll put a call out for volunteers well in advance of the Recess date. So keep an eye out!

I’ve got cool nerd-stuff I’d like to share with the world, what do i do? – A Recess tradition is the “Swap Table”. This is a place for attendees to leave any nerdy gear (books, games, art, toys, videos, etc.) that they no longer want or have space for. Anything placed on the Swap Table is considered to be free for anyone to take. If you bring items for the Swap Table, please check at the end of the day and take any unclaimed items home with you!

Got a question or concerns? – The Recess Staff and NerdNYC officers will be available throughout the day. Or you can email us at recess@nerdnyc.com

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