Recess = Success! [January 2012]

by nerdnyc

Recess was a SUCCESS!

Thank you to everyone who attended and brought your enthusiasm for gaming and friendship! In total we were around 200 people strong! 39 awesome people attended for the first time!

Friday’s party saw 50-70 nerds rocking it out to video game soundtrack remixes, playing boardgames, making friends (at least 2 gaming groups formed), D20 Burlesque, Action Castle, and a bit of stand up improv while people rolled a giant D20 to see who could roll a natural 20!

Check out the Friday Party Photos here…

The weekend featured 170-200 people making friends, playing over 80 games, competing for freshly baked pies at True Nerd Trivia, learning how to paint miniatures, run games and find people to play with, and swapping cool nerdy-stuff (comics, games, toys, books)!

Check out Recess Saturday & Sunday Photos here…

Saturday attendance was up, 150 people. Sunday’s attendance was a bit down, 100 people (still good for Sunday). Our spies tell us it was due to extremely cold weather, gaming/party exhaustion, holiday traveling, and wait for it… the NY Giants Football Playoffs and the Golden Globes!

People played games. People made friends. That’s what NerdNYC is about… mission accomplished!


Your voice was heard! We collected close to 100 surveys and we’re already planning on how to make Recess even better!

Thanks to:

20 Sided Store for providing $25 Gift Certificate prizes and hanging out with us this weekend! You are amazing!

The fine folks at D20 Burlesque whose Charisma is matched only by their Dexterity! Their next show is on January 21st and will cover Post-Apocalyptic and Dystopian gaming!

Our dear friends at True Nerd Trivia for freshly baked pies, fun, Trivia even people who suck at Trivia love, and asshole questions!

Jared Sorenson for being such a great game designer and even better friend! Plus running Action Castle at the party was surreal in the best way possible! If anyone hasn’t played Action Castle, we highly suggest you do! But don’t forget to check your Inventory and Save frequently!

Epidiah Ravachol for giving us amazing games and teaching us that finding a great gaming group is a lot like dating! NYC misses you!

Special Thanks:

Thanks so much to Pillar, badasswitch, Jenskot, Jimb, Tekatana, and Evilyn for organizing Recess!

Major shout out to Wage Mage, Herzwesten, Tim, Eppy, TheBauhausCure, and mtiru for helping us run Recess!

We want to emphatically thank abzu, ad1066, at5115, Barking Alien, BaronHelix, DaftMallards, DancingWarPanda, DarkRefuge, Deliverator, dorje, Dregg, E.T.Smith, Evilyn, faust, foner, GRStrayton, guyinblackhat, Herzwesten, Iguanaonastick, James, Javi, Jennisodes, jenskot, Jimb, Leftahead, lerugray, littleidiot, Lula, moriarty, MrGregs, ogreteeth, Orctavius, Osk,MinionOfCthulhu, Peculia, PheonixR, Pillar, pingstanton, Piratecat, PirateQueen, Riffling, rym, Seth, StompyMcD, Tav_Behemoth, truegrit, urbwar, volunteersmarmy, Warboss_Waaazag, weiyi.guo, Yamara, ZadkielAngel, Zaerdna, and Zuk… for running games at Recess! Without you… there would be no Recess!

We can’t wait for next Recess!

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