True Nerd Trivia – Best Event Ever!

by Keren Form

The Sinister Six ready to win yet another pie.

July 13th will go down in history as the best True Nerd Trivia event to date!

Despite last minute location changes due to our beloved Royal Oak shutting it’s doors, we managed to fill our new location, Sweet Ups, with fun-loving, question-answering nerds! Not only were many of our trivia regulars in attendance, but we also had the pleasure of seeing many new faces!

Our competing teams were: The Sinister Six, Sea Cucumber, Fogbeard, Rum Punch, Hot Sauce, Mmz and Hello Kitty.

The competition was stiff, and the scores close, even with the implementation of a multitude of new categories including: Same Name, Next Line and Math. Best moment of the night? Hearing a bar full of people yelling “KHAAAAANNNN!!!” at the top of their lungs in unison.

In the end, the Sinister Six were the victors by ONE POINT due to their incredible knowledge of the most obscure Dark Crystal question ever asked. They took home the prize bag, and the Strawberry Rhubarb Pie!

Next Event!

We hope to see everyone on August 10th at our next event. Stay tuned here and at our Facebook page for updates and invites.

Play the home version and test your nerd cred!

Here are this month’s questions for your amusement (except the Spelling Counts questions – which wouldn’t make much sense). For those of you who have yet to experience True Nerd Trivia in person, a note about the “asshole question.” This is the last question of each round that is so stupidly obscure that we are a-holes for asking, and, well, you’re an a-hole if you know it. If you answer these correctly at the events you get one of many custom asshole buttons to wear proudly!

We’ll post answers in the next week or so – have fun and good luck!


1.     Science: This element comes in many varieties.  The green kind weakens superman while the red kind makes him a jerk.

2.     Put these in Chronological Order: The one ring is destroyed at Orodruin, Bilbo finds the One Ring, Frodo offers to takes the ring to Mordor.

3.     Sports & Leisure: The white witch might invite you to hang out in her sleigh and eat Turkish Delight in what magical realm?

4.     IRL: If you watched Game of Thrones, you saw Jason Momoa’s performance as Khal Drogo.  Next month, you can see him resurrect the role of what character originally played by Arnold Schwarzenegger almost 30 years ago?

5.     Potpourri: The Battlestar Galactica is constantly on the run from what race of beings, intent on wiping out the human race?

6.     Same Name: The Skywalker who blew up the Death Star and Marvel’s Hero for Hire

7.     Math: The number of members in the Fellowship of the Ring – the number of ring wraiths + the number of Ghostbusters who defeated the stay puft marshmallow man

8.     Next Line: “We have enemy ships in sector 47!”  What is Admiral Ackbar’s next line?

9.     Patriotism: What Patriotic Hero did the Avengers find frozen in ice after a battle with Namor?

10.  Asshole: On Super Mario’s second adventure, he battles the minions of Wart in a dreamland.  What is the name of this dreamland?


1.     Science: What is the name of the element that is used to regulate the flow of antimatter in the warp drives of starships, including the USS Enterprise?

2.     Chrono Order: Put these Green Lanterns of sector 2814 in order Hal Jordan, Abin Sur, John Stewart.

3.     Sports & Leisure: “Two Men Enter, one man leaves” is the only rule in what gladiatorial arena?

4.     IRL: What actor, famous for his portrayal of both Boromir and Eddard Stark, refused medical attention and instead ordered a second drink after getting stabbed in a bar fight?

5.     Potpourri: Truck driver Jack Burton experiences big trouble in what neighborhood of San Francisco?

6.     Same Name: First King of Narnia, and bitten by radioactive spider

7.     Math: The number of years Harry Potter attended Hogwarts – the number of deathly hallows – the number of death stars blown up by Luke Skywalker.

8.     Next Line: “Well, let’s say this Twinkie represents the normal amount of psychokinetic energy in the New York area. Based on this morning’s sample, it would be a Twinkie… thirty-five feet long, weighing approximately six hundred pounds.” What is Winston Zeddemore’s next line?

9.     Patriotic: According to the secret diaries of Abraham Lincoln, in addition to being the president of the USA, he also hunted what type of supernatural creatures?

10.  Asshole: in the current Captain America origin, the scientist Abraham Erskine developed the famous Super-Soldier serum. This was not the original scientist in the first Cap comic! Who was the original creator of this serum?


1.     Science: What gas must your SCVs mine if you want to raise an army of Firebats to fight the Zerg?

2.     Chrono Order: Harry defeats Voldemort by stabbing a diary with a basilisk fang, H defeats V. with the mirror of Erised, H defeats V in a duel to the death.

3.     Sports & Leisure: What soulful vampire regaled the customers of Caritas with his karaoke rendition of Barry Manilow’s Mandy?

4.     IRL: The martial art practiced by the water benders is based on what real-world martial art from China?

5.     Potpourri: Name the nerdy trio of conspiracy theorists and authors of “The Magic Bullet” newsletter that help Scully and Mulder to find “The Truth

6.     Same Name: The Boy Who Lived and the Green Goblin’s son

7.     Math: Maximum allowed age in Logan’s world (book version) x amount of millions of $ needed to make the Bionic Man divided by the standard amount of times you need to strike a boss at the end of a game scenario = this number; the meaning of life the universe and everything.

8.     Next Line: “Doc, we better back up. We don’t have enough road to get the Dolorean up to 88mph.”  What is Doc Brown’s next line?

9.     Patriotic: Believe it or not, you’re walking on air. You never thought you could feel so free.  Who are you?

10.  Asshole-Silmarillion: Sauron caused the destruction of Numenor by convincing what king to attempt to invade Valinor?


1.     Science: What element can be made to build bombs and Stargates, and can also be found in trace amounts in Goa’uld’s bloodstreams?

2.     Chrono Order: Doctor Who wears converse all-star sneakers, Doctor Who wears a black leather jacket, Doctor Who wears a really long scarf.

3.     Sports & Leisure: In Daniel’s foray from Freak to Geek in his first D&D game, what was his chosen race and character name?

4.     IRL: Sylvester McCoy, who played the 7th Doctor Who, will be playing what wizard in The Hobbit?

5.     Potpourri: When we first meet the gunslinger, Roland of Gilead, who is he pursuing across the desert?

6.     Same Name: Pokémon champion and anti-hero plagued by deadites and the necronomicon.

7.     Math: Number of Pevensie children x number of natural Stark children (no bastards) x number of original teenagers trained by Professor X.

8.     Next Line: “I shall leave you as you left me, as you left her. Marooned for all eternity, at the center of a dead planet. Buried alive.”  What is Captain Kirk’s next line?

9.     Patriotic: When Enoch Root comes to “the colonies” on his quest for Daniel Waterhouse, he has as his guide what precocious future founding father?

10.  Asshole: In the Skeksi’s original alien language, what is the ritual “Trial by Stone” known as?

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