True Nerd Trivia August Recap!

by Keren Form

The Killer Kenkus enjoy their victory pie!

Thanks to everyone who attended our True Nerd Trivia event this past Wednesday! We were filled to the brim with nerds, and saw many new faces, much in part to GeekChicNYC so kindly blogging about us last week!

We had a whopping ELEVEN teams this month!! Our competing teams were: The Sinister Six, Sea Cucumber, Foghat, Hair Lips, Wyld Stallyns, Kara Thrace and Her Special Destiny, The Final Five, The Morgan Free-men, MMZ, Moff Ship and the Killer Kenkus.

Once again, we had a supremely close game, with the Killer Kenkus pulling ahead at the end by a mere 1 point. But one point is all you need to win the bag of goodies, and of course the coveted pie, which this month was peach ginger.

Next Event!

We hope to see everyone on September 14th at our next event! Stay tuned here and at our Facebook page for updates and invites.

Play the home version and test your nerd cred!

Here are this month’s questions for your amusement (except the Spelling Counts questions – which wouldn’t make much sense). Every month we have a new special category to reflect whatever is going on at that time, for example in November we may do Thanksgiving-related questions. Well, as everyone knows, August is National Eye Care Month, so our monthly category is all about eyes in some fashion.

For those of you who have yet to experience True Nerd Trivia in person, a note about the “asshole question.” This is the last question of each round that is so stupidly obscure that we are a-holes for asking, and, well, you’re an a-hole if you know it. If you answer these correctly at the events you get one of many custom asshole buttons to wear proudly!

We’ll post answers in the next week or so – have fun and good luck!


  1. Zoology: If you feed your adorable fuzzy Mogwai after midnight, it will turn into what nasty and sometimes mohawked creature?
  2. Science: What infamous smuggling spaceship does Luke Skywalker call “a piece of junk” when he first lays eyes on it?
  3. Alliteration: Clark Kent does not have to change the CK+LL he has drawn in a heart on his notebook when he moves from Smallville to Metropolis. He merely replaces his crush on hometown girl Lana Lang with what big city reporter?
  4. IRL: What book was originally conceived when it’s author was lying drunk in a field, looking up at the stars, holding a copy of a book named “Hitch-hiker’s Guide to Europe”
  5. Potpourri: What color shirt is widely considered a death sentence for nameless crew members aboard the USS Enterprise?
  6. Same Names: The E. in E. Nigma and mopey sparkly vampire.
  7. Math: Classic # of wishes granted by a genie X number of power puff girls X number of times Dorothy must click her heels to go home to Kansas.
  8. Next Line: “He told me enough.  He told me you killed him!”  What is Darth Vader’s next line?
  9. National Eye Care Month: Scott Summers, AKA Cyclops, originally started his career blasting bad guys with his eye beams on what super team?
  10. Asshole: Where did Edison Carter’s alter ego Max Headroom get his name from?


  1. Zoology: What creatures, not seen in Westeros for centuries, does Daenerys Targaryen hatch with blood and fire?
  2. Science: The Thermians use Appearance Generators to hide what from the crew of Galaxy Quest?
  3. Alliteration: What classic rpg was recently played in the Greendale Community College Library by Jeff, Britta, Troy, Abed, Pierce, Annie and Shirley.
  4. IRL: What lovable jumpsuit wearing, robot making, MST3K creator also appeared on Freaks and Geeks as the disco-loving owner of  a clothing store?
  5. Potpourri: What egg-stealing creatures made those angry birds so darned mad?
  6. Same Names: Sam Gamgee’s pony and one of the two dudes who had an excellent adventure.
  7. Math: Number of Dwarves accompanying Bilbo in the Hobbit + number of rings given to the dwarf lords + number of dwarves in the fellowship.
  8. Next Line: “Hello, my name is Inigo Montoya”  What is Inigo Montoya’s next line?
  9. National Eye Care Month: How does Perseus convince the three Stygian Witches to tell him how to defeat the kraken?
  10. Asshole: The Baratheons have their black-on-gold stag, the Lannisters their golden lion on red and the Starks their grey and white Direwolf. What are the colors and coat of arms of House Bolton?


  1. Zoology: When conducting the CSI Tatooine investigation of the Jawa murder site, how does Obi Wan deduce who the actual perpetrators are?
  2. Science: Which US Air Force pilot is frozen in space for 504 years because of a freak combination of gases, and is revived in the 25th century to find the world much changed from his native 1987?
  3. Alliteration: Sitting detention with this Hogwarts professor may have you sorting racks of potion ingredients such as dried beetles or gillyweed.
  4. IRL: Before the days of CGI, what Star Wars vehicle was made to look like it was hovering across the Tattooine desert by simply attaching a mirror to it?
  5. Potpourri: On his very first mission, what does Captain America claim he has done over 200 times?
  6. Same Names: King of the Britons and King of Atlantis.
  7. Math: (Year of Dave Bowman’s “Space Odyssey” minus the temperature at which paper burns in Farenheit) divided by the number of coins needed to get an extra life in Super Mario Bros.
  8. Next Line: “Oh that’s just my pet snake Reggie!”  What is Indiana Jones’ next line?
  9. National Eye Care Month: What alien used it’s infrared vision to hunt Major Alan “Dutch” Schaefer’s special forces team in the jungles of Guatamala?
  10. Asshole: Fëanor is the eldest son of Finwë, the High King of the Noldor. What is the name of his mother – who shocked all elvenkind by dying after giving him birth?Míriel Serindë.


  1. Zoology: After 3 million years of space stasis, Dave Lister awakens to discover what bizarre legacy of his pet cat Frankenstein?
  2. Science: “Scientifically” speaking, Smurfs are described to be how tall?
  3. Alliteration: When the Ringwraiths are not busy working for Sauron, they hang out in what city, originally built by Isildur in the Second Age?
  4. IRL: Rod Serling, famous for creating and narrating the Twilight Zone, also wrote the original script to what sci fi movie starring Chuck Heston?
  5. Potpourri: Hellboy is described as smelling like what snack food?
  6. Same Names: Commander Vimes’ current title and leader of the GI Joe force
  7. Math: Number of leagues Captain Nemo is “under the sea” divided by the model number of the first liquid metal terminator divided by the number of children of Paul Atreides.
  8. Next Line: “Get him cleaned up.  A ship is waiting to take him back to the enterprise.  Captain Picard, if you’ll go with the guards they’ll take care of you.”  What is Captain Picard’s next line?
  9. National Eye Care Month: Which of these monsters can not see in the dark according to the most recent Monster Manual?  A Drow, A Werewolf, A Lich or a Beholder?
  10. Asshole: Name any one of the Mathic orders that have a chapter at the concent of Saunt Edhar.

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