True Nerd Trivia: Game of Throne Edition!

by Keren Form

When you play the game of trivia…you win and then you pie. Well, one team does anyway.

Join us for an all Game of Thrones themed evening and see if you can live up to the nerdiness of House Trivia Masters.

Where: Vlada Lounge: 331 W 51st St, NYC  (go inside, then come to the 2nd floor)
When: Wednesday, September 25th

Start time: 7:00pm
Cost: $1 donations appreciated!

Note on Spoilers: Everything that has been aired on TV so far is fair game for the asking! We will also be asking questions from all of the books, but not anything that will spoil any major plot points, deaths, etc. So start reading!

Team size is limited to 6 players – so choose your companions wisely! If you need a team – show up and we’ll find you some new friends!

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