True Nerd Trivia: Holiday Edition!

by Keren Form


It’s the last TRUE NERD TRIVIA this year! And this event will be chock full of fun holiday surprises and prizes!

Join us at:

Ryan’s Irish Pub: 151 2nd Ave, NYC

Thursday, December 8th
Start time: 7:45pm

Help us end 2011 with an awesome trivia event – bring your ultimate nerd knowledge! Team size is limited to 6 players – so choose your companions wisely! If you don’t have a team – don’t worry! We will find some new friends for you – there’s always spots open!

Who will become True Nerd Trivia’s next champions? Join us and find out!

Suggested donation $1 to feed the pie fund.
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To get you warmed up for next month, here’s the question set from last week’s event, where Foghat won with a whopping 40 points – 7 points ahead of the 2nd place team. Go Foghat!


  1. Geography: Mad Max wanders what post-apocalyptic continent in search of fuel and food?
  2. Zoology: Perseus uses the head of what creature to defeat the Kraken and save Princess Andromeda?
  3. Sports & Leisure: Ivan Antonovich Vanko AKA Whiplash rather rudely introduces himself to Tony Stark AKA Iron Man by cutting what vehicle in half with his energy whip?
  4. IRL: If you were at NY Comic Con last month and you had $100 to spare, you could have gotten an autograph from the actor that played what jedi?
  5. Before & After: Batman battles the Joker, Two-Face and Jack Skellington to save Christmas.
  6. Potpourri: South Park’s very own super villain, Professor Chaos is really what usually happy-go-lucky kid in disguise?
  7. Magic/Religion: Buffy Summers is aided in her fight against the undead by which red-headed, magic-using, super-smart best friend?
  8. Alliteration: Which most famous of hobbits reluctantly left his cozy home in search of Dragon Treasure with 13 Dwarves?
  9. US Marine Corps Day: US Marine Corps veteran John Stewart was given a power ring to protect Earth as a member of what other Corps?
  10. Asshole: When the Fantastic Four receive a number of fan letters claiming that Sue Storm is a useless member of the group, Reed Richards launches into a rant about what historical figure?


  1. Geography: A section of Gotham City has been converted to an open air prison run by Hugo Strange.  What is the name of this prison?
  2. Zoology: What anthropomorphic animal does Alice first follow into Wonderland?
  3. Sports & Leisure: What color milk do you drink at breakfast before a long day of work at Luke Skywalker’s Uncle’s Moisture Farm?
  4. IRL: This past September, DC Comics revamped their monthly comic line by releasing how many #1 issues?
  5. Before & After: Arthur Dent reads all about Commander Peter Quincy Taggart and the crew of the Protector as they save the Thermians from the evil Sarris.
  6. Potpourri: In the Ice King’s gender-swapped fan fiction, what are Finn and Jakes female alter egos’ names?
  7. Magic/Religion: When the self-proclaimed goddess, Ardra, is trying to seduce Captain Picard, she transforms into which member of his crew?
  8. Alliteration: What fast-talking, obnoxious editor in chief must Peter Parker report to as a freelance photographer for the Daily Bugle?
  9. US Marine Corps Day: The Ultramarines, the Black Templars, the Dark Angels and the Space Wolves are all chapters of what elite fighting force in the 41st millenium?
  10. Asshole: rates “Pro Wrestling” as the 18th best Nintendo game of all time.  Name 5 of the 7 wrestlers featured in that game.


  1. Geography: What forest is ruled by Elven King Thranduil, and was once home to the Necromancer?
  2. Zoology: What giant monster is, according to Joel and the bots, really neat and full of meat?
  3. Sports & Leisure: Name any one of the nerdy costumes Abed has worn on Halloween at Greendale Community College.
  4. IRL: Spoiler alert!  What back-breaking villain will be appearing in the next Batman film?
  5. Before & After: Sheriff’s Deputy Rick Grimes and Grim Reaper Georgia “George” Lass fight some zombies.
  6. Potpourri: What does a Dalek say just before it reveals that it can fly up a flight of stairs?
  7. Magic/Religion: Bob is an air spirit of intellect who resides in what object owned by Harry Dresden?
  8. Alliteration: What bizarre witch, and expert on nargles, snorkacks and dirigible plums is a close friend of Harry Potter’s?
  9. US Marine Corps Day: Fill in the blank: Hicks, Vasquez, Hudson and Bishop the android are all members of the _____ marines.
  10. Asshole: What is the name of the elf who led a remnant of the Nandor (later known as the Green-Elves) into Beleriand to settle in Ossiriand?


  1. Geography: What is the name of the planet on which The beast and his army of Slayers are defeated by Prince Colwyn and his ragtag party of adventurers?
  2. Zoology: As they fly away from Mathmos, Pygar tells Barbarella that angels lack what human characteristic?
  3. Sports & Leisure: While out on a bike ride, you encounter RoadBlock from GI Joe.  What kind of massage does he offer you?
  4. IRL: Nerd icon Patrick Stewart starred as himself in the TV show, Extras, in which he told Ricky Gervais’ character about his movie scripts.  What was the common theme in all his scripts?
  5. Before & After: That’s no moon, it’s a space station and it’s also Hal Jordan’s girl friend in a purple costume.
  6. Potpourri: 11 year old Adam Young, the charismatic and highly creative leader of “The Them”, is actually the son of whom?
  7. Magic/Religion: In order to teach young Arthur important life lessons, Merlin transforms the Once and Future king into a number of animals. Name any three of these.
  8. Alliteration: Ankh Morpork’s true reigning king has a magic sword and a birthmark shaped like a crown, but he prefers to remain a humble copper. Who is this monarch in disguise?
  9. US Marine Corps Day: What badass Marine Corps sergeant is instrumental in detachment 2702’s insane missions to make sure the Germans never find out that the Allies have broken Enigma?
  10. Asshole: The character Rottcodd had a different profession in the Gormenghast BBC series than he did in the Gormenghast novels.  Name both professions.


For all you newbies who have yet to experience our brand of Trivia, leave your knowledge of state capitals at home! Forget everything you learned in high school – we won’t be asking you any of that stuff! Instead, our questions are all about the important things in life, such as:

Geography: What is the name of the region of Middle Earth where Hobbits live?
Science and Tech: What device will allow a Delorean to travel back in time?
Parazoology: How long would it take for you to be digested in the belly of the Sarlaac?
Superheroes: When Dick Grayson gets his driver’s license – what car can he take for a spin?

And much much more!!!

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