True Nerd Trivia-New Date and Location! Thursday December 8th!

by Keren Form


We have had to move from our beloved Sweet Ups as it is closing down the end of November. Luckily, we have found a new home! So come to the last TRUE NERD TRIVIA this year! And this event will be chock full of fun holiday surprises and prizes!

Join us at:

Ryan’s Irish Pub: 151 2nd Ave, NYC

Thursday, December 8th
Start time: 7:45pm

Help us end 2011 with an awesome trivia event – bring your ultimate nerd knowledge! Team size is limited to 6 players – so choose your companions wisely! If you don’t have a team – don’t worry! We will find some new friends for you – there’s always spots open!

Who will become True Nerd Trivia’s next champions? Join us and find out!

Suggested donation $1 to feed the pie fund.
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Test your mettle and see how well you did on last month’s questions!


  1. Australia
  2. Medusa
  3. Car (specifically his Monaco Grand Prix race car)
  4. Luke Skywalker
  5. The Dark Knightmare Before Xmas
  6. Butters
  7. Willow
  8. Bilbo Baggins
  9. Gren Lantern Corps
  10. Abraham Lincoln’s mother


  1. Arkham City
  2. Rabbit
  3. Blue
  4. 52
  5. Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy Quest
  6. Fiona & Cake
  7. Troi
  8. J. Jonah Jameson
  9. Space Marines
  10. Corn Karn, Giant Panther, The Amazon, King Slender, Great Puma


  1. Mirkwood
  2. Gamera
  3. Batman, Alien (from the Aliens series), Inspector Spacetime
  4. Bane
  5. Walking Dead Like Me
  6. Elevate
  7. Human Skull
  8. Luna Lovegood
  9. Colonial
  10. Denethor


  1. Krull
  2. Memory
  3. Body Massage
  4. Women’s clothing falling off and him “seeing everything”.
  5. Death Star Sapphire
  6. Satan
  7. Book: A Perch (fish), Merlin (type of hawk), ant, owl, goose, and badger. Movie: Fish, Squirrel, Sparrow
  8. Captain (or Corporal) Carrot
  9. Bobby Shaftoe
  10. Curator of the hall of bright carvings / captain of the guard


For all you newbies who have yet to experience our brand of Trivia, leave your knowledge of state capitals at home! Forget everything you learned in high school – we won’t be asking you any of that stuff! Instead, our questions are all about the important things in life, such as:

Geography: What is the name of the region of Middle Earth where Hobbits live?
Science and Tech: What device will allow a Delorean to travel back in time?
Parazoology: How long would it take for you to be digested in the belly of the Sarlaac?
Superheroes: When Dick Grayson gets his driver’s license – what car can he take for a spin?

And much much more!!!

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