True Nerd Trivia: November!

by Keren Form

The next TRUE NERD TRIVIA is upon us! Foghat took the pie last time at Supertober…who will be our next champions?

Where: Bar 82: 136 2nd Avenue, NYC  (back room)
When: Thursday, November 29th

Start time: 7:00pm
Cost $5

Come for the trivia and stay for the free karaoke!

Team size is limited to 6 players – so choose your companions wisely! If you need a team – show up and we’ll find you some new friends!

For more information and updates, go to

Test your knowledge below with last month’s questions from Supetober! All about superheroes!

Origins: What hero decided to fight crime after seeing his parents brutally murdered before his very eyes in Gotham City?
Powers: Green Lantern has the ability to summon any object he can imagine into existence, thanks to what piece of alien jewelry?
Villains: What master of magnetism wears a special helmet to keep out any mental meddling by Professor X?
Magic: What lovable big red demon’s true power lies in his Right Hand of Doom?
Costume Colors: These heroes share what 2 costume colors? Adamantium-clawed mutant and JLA’s prankster from the future.
What’s Wrong?: The Avengers consists of Iron Man, Captain Britain, Thor and the Hulk.
Where am I?
: In this city I can visit Avengers mansion, the Baxter Building, Doctor Strange’s Sanctum Sanctorum, and many other famous heroic headquarters. What city am I in?
Super Teams: What team began with just five members: Cyclops, Beast, Marvel Girl, Angel and Ice Man?
Super Personals: Who placed this ad? Ninja clan leader with lots of spikes and blades on costume seeking four turtles with fancy names to beat up on.
Book vs. Movie: In both Avengers #1 from 1963 and the recent Avengers film, Loki attempted to turn which angry avenger against the rest of his team.
Asshole: What is the full name and home planet of The Legion of Superheroes’ Phantom Girl?

Origins: What hero got his seemingly limitless powers when he tried to retrieve his girlfriend’s watch from the Intrinsic Field Subtractor at Gila Flats Research Facility?
Powers: In addition to being able to shrink down very small and grow into a giant, Hank Pym is able to communicate with what type of insect?
Villains: What villain was originally  shown with a full head of red hair, and was later given his now trademark bald head as the result of an artist’s mistake?
Magic: What sometime Avenger uses her mutant magical powers to manipulate probability?
Costume Colors: These heroes share what 3 costume colors? America’s first Avenger and Earth 2’s Kryptonian cousin.
What’s Wrong?: Joel Shumacher’s famously terrible movie Batman and Robin featured Uma Thurman as Poison Ivy and Arnold Schwartzenager as Darkseid.
Where am I?: After practicing in the Danger Room, I can hop in one of Cyclops’ classic cars or maybe peek in on someone using Cerebro.
Super Teams: What team has had such literary members as Alan Quatermain, The Invisible Man and Captain Nemo?
Super Personals: Who placed this ad? Super being looking for suitable herald to announce my impending appetite. Full “power cosmic” compensation package, and will provide interstellar vehicle. No whiners.
Book vs. Movie: In the Dark Knight Rises, batman is assisted by a young orphan-turned-cop named John Blake.  At the end of the movie (spoiler alert) we learn John Blake’s real first name.  What is it?
Asshole: In the All Star Superman series, Superman is told by a time traveler that he will complete 12 super challenges before his death.  In an interview with Newsarama, writer Grant Morisson listed the challenges in order.  What were the first and last challenges?

Origins: The original alter-ego of this superhero was an archaeologist named Carter Hall who was the reincarnation of an Egyptian prince named Khufu, and discovered that the effects of Nth metal would allow him to fly.
Powers: What hero refers to his power as nigh invulnerability?
Villains: In her days as a villain, Rogue gains additional superpowers such as flight and super strength after she absorbs these powers from what superhero?
Magic: What hero wears the Helm of Nabu, which grants the wearer magical knowledge and various powers?
Costume Colors: These heroes share what 3 costume colors? Son of the Highfather and synthezoid with feelings
What’s Wrong?: Black Bolt, Medusa, Crystal and Karnak are all members of the Eternals.
Where am I?: Two of the trophies on display here are a giant penny and a life size animatronic T-Rex. Where am I?
Super Teams: After the JLA’s defeat by Enchantress, what team was pulled together to defeat this witch, including Shade, John Constantine and Zatanna?
Super Personals: Me not seeking Superman to not fight because me love superman and not want to kidnap Lois Lane
Book vs. Movie: Jane Foster has been portrayed in comics as either a nurse, doctor or paramedic. What is her profession when Thor happens upon her in the movie?
Asshole: On Officer Slinger’s first day at Top 10 precinct she meets a plethora of interesting characters. Name her new partner, and the Captain of the precinct.

Origins: What villain’s origins began with a failed attempt at constructing a machine to speak with the dead, that exploded and damaged his face, leading ot a life of serious super villainy?
Powers: What hero wields the mighty power of the astro-force, a grim and fearful responsibility?
Villains: Name 3 of the aliases assumed by future time-traveler Nathaniel Richards.
Magic: What sister of Legion of Superheroes’ Dream Girl is a powerful magic user who studied her arts on Zerox, the Sorceror’s World?
Costume Colors: These heroes share what 2 costume colors? Norse Ice Princess and mutant born at Mount Wundagore.
What’s Wrong?: The Metal Men once battled a team of villains named the Ghastly Gases, consisting of Oxygen. Helium, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide and chloroform.
Where am I?: If I look at a map, I will see places like The Expanding Tiger Empire, The Gorilla Commune, and The Kanga-Rat Murder Society.  Where am I?
Super Teams: What superteam consists of Ace, Red, Rocky, and Prof who are living on borrowed time?
Super Personals: Vigilante with anger management issues looking for terribly mysterious mentor to teach him how to head off his foes with a balanced attack.
Book vs. Movie: What recent film adaptation was declared “a true representation of the original comic book” by the comic book’s creator, as opposed to the 1995 adaptation which he said had nothing to do with the original comic?
Asshole: If you are enjoying the exploits of Captain America in the recent batch of Marvel movies, you can send fan mail to Christopher Evans, the actor who plays Cap.  If however you prefer captain America from the 1990 film, what is the name of the actor you should send your fan mail to?

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