True Nerd Trivia: Recess Results and Play at Home Version!

by Keren Form

Thank you to everyone who participated in our special edition Recess True Nerd Trivia Event! We were pleased to see not only new faces from the regular Recess crowd, but some of our regular Trivia members at Recess! Hooray for nerdy cross-overs!

We had a gloriously fierce and close competition, though apparently, it seems that perhaps the asshole questions are skewed a bit easy. Have no fear! You have answered these and we will respond by making them harder!

The final victors were team Treebeard, who received the prize bag and an appleberry pie.

Next Events!

Sweet Ups: Our next regularly scheduled event at Sweet Ups bar will be Wednesday November 9th at 7:30 pm.

Stay tuned here and at our Facebook page for updates and invites.

Play the home version and test your nerd cred!

For those of you that missed our Recess event, here is the home version!

We have a new category, Before and After, which works like this: We give a clue such as “Dread Pirate Roberts rescues Frankenstein’s wife”, and then you have to figure out what two movie, book, show, etc titles can be mashed together to form the answer. In this case it would be “Princess Bride of Frankenstein.”

We’ll post answers in the next week or so – have fun and good luck!


  1. Geography: Jon Snow leaves the Stark family for what giant structure, staffed by the Night’s Watch, to protect Westeros from the creatures of the frozen North, such as Wildlings and the Others?
  2. Zoology: What type of animal is Data’s pet, Spot?
  3. Science & Tech: Steve Rogers is transformed into what superhero after being administered the Super Soldier serum developed by Dr. Erskine?
  4. IRL: You are playing World of Warcraft when you get a craving for some chicken.  When you get back from the kitchen, rather than discussing the plan with your fellow players, you rush into battle, screaming your character’s name.  What is that name?
  5. Before & After: Aragorn defends Minas Tirith from a Giant Ape on the Empire State Building.
  6. Potpourri: Commander Bill Adama commands what massive starship on the run from Cylons?
  7. Magic/Religion: All students attending Hogwarts must first own what item, which no wizards can perform magic without?
  8. Alliteration: The Road Warrior, who fights his way through post-apocalyptic Australia and eventually ends up in the Thunderdome, is sometimes known by what alliterative name?
  9. National Cyber Security Awareness Month: Oracle, the computer hacker who assists Batman and other super heroes, is the daughter of what police commisioner?
  10. Asshole: What is the number of the docking bay where the Millenium Falcon is housed on Tatooine?


  1. Geography: In what NYC buliding do the Ghostbusters encounter their first ghost?
  2. Zoology: Yoshi the dinosaur is the loyal steed of what adventurer?
  3. Science & Tech: Aunt Beru reminds Luke & Uncle Owen that if they get a translator droid, to make sure it speaks what language?
  4. IRL: The voice of Frodo Baggins in the 1981 BBC Radio adaptation of “The Lord of The Rings” was performed by the actor who played which hobbit in Peter Jackson’s movies?
  5. Before & After: Darth Vader reveals he is Marty McFly’s father.
  6. Potpourri: You are attempting to escape from The Village.  What is the name of the creepy white sphere that will catch you and bring you back?
  7. Magic/Religion: The God Emperor of Dune is 3500 years old, part human and part sandworm.  What was his father’s name?
  8. Alliteration: What troubled teenager is told by a evil-looking anthropomorphic rabbit named Frank that the world will end in 28 days, 6 hours, 42 minutes, and 12 seconds?
  9. National Cyber Security Awareness Month: Software developer Thomas A. Anderson is known by what computer hacker alias?
  10. Asshole: Batman issue #66 can be summed up in one word.  What is that word?


  1. Geography: Lockhaven is the headquarters of what brotherhood of rodents that keeps the territories safe from weasels, snakes and owls?
  2. Zoology: The Southern Air Temple not only turns out wonderful Air-Benders, but is also home to some amazing creatures. What 2 accompany Ang on his quests?
  3. Science & Tech: Case’s girlfriend Molly Millions has lots of cybernetic enhancements, including what embedded under her fingernails?
  4. IRL: What Thor character was Walt Simonson talking about when he said, “I started with a skull, and then I made him a bit like a horse … I was aiming for a sense of death, a sense of monster, underlined by beauty”
  5. Before & After: Captain Nemo sails the Nautilus to Captain Hank Murphy’s constantly exploding undersea laboratory.
  6. Potpourri: What Outer God is known as “The Lurker at the Threshold”, “The Key and the Gate”, “The Beyond One”, “Opener of the Way”, “The All-in-One and the One-in-All”?
  7. Magic/Religion: What are the three colors traditionally worn by the three wizard orders of Krynn?
  8. Alliteration: What local treasure hunter’s bones were found by the intrepid Goonies, on their search for One-Eyed Willie’s treasure?
  9. National Cyber Security Awareness Month: In the future, your mind can be hacked by a hacker.  But Major Motoko Kusanagi of Section 9 would not say that your “mind” has been hacked.  What word would she use instead of “mind”?
  10. Asshole: Luthien is one of the most famous and revered elves in Middle Earth history. Who were the parents of this beautiful and brave heroine?

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