Uncommonly NerdNYC — November 24th, 2013

by Pillar

Recently we welcomed a great new addition to the city: The Uncommons, a fantastic boardgame cafe now open near Washington Square Park. They’ve invited NerdNYC over to play, and we’ve accepted.

So, NerdNYC will be having our first meet-up/boardgame event at The Uncommons on November 24th!

The details:
When: Sunday, November 24th, 2pm – 6pm
Where: The Uncommons (230 Thompson Street, just south of Washington Square Park)
What: Just come by, hang out and play games! No experience necessary!

Cost:  $5 cover charge (includes game library access)

Access to the The Uncommons’ game library costs $5 per person (play as much as you want); they also offer membership plans. Attendees can bring their own games as well.

The Uncommons has a variety of food and drink available for purchase.

NOTE: Table space at The Uncommons is at something of a premium. We’ll do the best we can, but it is probably better to avoid bringing/playing games that require lots of table space, or ones that take more than 2 hours to finish. It might get a little crowded, so please be courteous to those playing around you, and try your best to share the tables.

Hope see you there!

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